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Coventry Elementary Art at SBO

student artwork on the wall

Fifth grade students studied impressionist paintings and created seasonal birch trees using a variety of watercolor techniques which included wet-on-wet, masking, and adding salt to wet paint. The results created a variety of textures to their works of art.

Fourth grade students created geometric and organic shaped composition of a campfire that included analogous color schemes. Analogous colors are 2-4 colors next to each other on the color wheel.

Third grade students studied the artists Charley Harper and Vincent Van Gogh. Students used a variety of painting techniques and rubbing plates to add texture to their compositions. Students used geometric shapes to draw their raccoons.

Second grade students learned about the Nutcracker. Students used shapes, lines, and patterns to create their own nutcrackers. Students had a choice of materials to color them in. They could use crayons or watercolor paint or both. If students used both, they discovered that wax from the crayons resists the watercolor paint and creates a cool effect.

First grade students learned about geometric shapes to draw an owl. By using a variety of lines students were able to add a variety of textures in their compositions.

Kindergarten students learned how to put shapes together to paint a polar bear. Students learned that adding white to a color creates a tint and painted a beautiful background of wind and snow. Their collages were completed with a variety of scrap materials to add a scarf to their works of art.